La Martinique

Capital: Fort-de France

Population: ~400 000 

Official Language: French

Currency: Euro


How To come to Martinique?

Visiting Martinique


Did You Say Martinique, Where is it?

Never heard of Martinique? Don’t worry. Christopher Columbus didn’t neither when he spotted the shores in 1493. He returned 8 years later and called it Martinica. Land of flowers it was called as well and still Martinique impresses with a rich vegetation and a wide variety of beaches.

Martinique has many beaches. You can find spots where you are on your own. It you want to avoid mass tourism, Martinique is your island.

It is also home to the volcano Mount Pelée which eruption in 1902 was one of the worst disasters in the last century.

Mount Pelee is not active anymore and has become a popular destination of hikers. For them, the island also offers trips through the rain forest, or just the beautiful tropical landscape.

Martinique has a modern infrastructure and offers a perfect mix of Caribbean way of life and all the modern amenities.

Discover the history of this island which the Brits never managed to get hold off, the island of Victor Schoelcher and Aime Césaire, where Gauguin lived for a year. Stand on the terrace which used to be the terrace of the internationally acclaimed Theater of St Pierre, when St Pierre was the Pearl of the Antilles.


Discover Martinique for you ... and enjoy.

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