Music and dance are intrinsically part of Martinican’s culture. They are linked to the colonial

history and the meeting of the African and European populations.


It is the combination of sounds, rhythms, language (creole) and styles that make Martinique culture so special.

Martinique comprised of different style of music such as 'le Bel-air', 'le Laghia' and Caleinda which are African rhythm.

Also, other styles like la polka, la mazurka and the quadrille which come from Europe were part of Martinique life.

Then, there was 'la biguine', a mixed of sounds with influences coming from jazz music of New Orleans.


Part of Martinique tradition and culture, all these different music express hope, sorrow and happiness of the people.

Nowadays, the new generation doesn’t identify itself with these music and dance. Those are only in use by folkloric group of musicians who want to preserve the culture.


Since 1980, le Zouk is the official music that defines Martinique. And, today, la dancehall, le zouk and zouk-love are the most preferred sounds of the new generation. 


Check out below, a traditional dance performed by a group wearing traditional clothes. 

Song from Kali - "La Grev bare mwen" 



 Medley of old songs from Martinique



 Nowadays, le zouk-love is one the most popular style on the island and it looks like this. 


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