A bit of background…

Martinique gastronomy is a mix flavors coming from different countries. The Martinique cuisine holds its taste and uniqueness from African, Indian and Caribbean culture.

The African culture transmitted its tasty acra recipes from West Africa, also breadfruit dishes are part of an African heritage. The Africans arrived in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Indian culture has a great influence on today cuisine in Martinique. Among other spices they brought along, curry is the most remarkable one that still in favor in today cuisine. For instance, the Colombo is one of the recipes transmitted by the Indians arrived on our Island after the abolition of the slavery in 1848.

Finally, the Caribbean culture enriches our dishes, with seafood recipes. 


Martinique typical dishes


The typical dishes that make up the Martinique cuisine are:


-Le Blaff de poisson (steamed fish marinated in spices) 


Credit image: Tatie Maryse (tatiemaryse.com)


- Poisson grillé (grilled fish)


Credit Image: http://fanmdjok.e-monsite.com/


 -Acra de morue (acra of cod)


-Touloulou & Matoutou (crab dishes)


Credit picture: cuisinedecheznous.com


 - Colombo (curry dishes)


 credit image: tatiemaryse.com

These dishes are generally accompanied with rice or local vegetables, and/or beans (red bean, lentils) 

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